How To Avoid Excess Daylight In My Apartment

Excess daylight in your apartment can be a source of irritation. Too much sun coming through the kitchen windows might blind you while youre cooking. Sunlight can cause upholstery to fade and it can cause wooden furniture to lighten. If you want to avoid excess daylight in your apartment, listen to the following suggestions.

Use window-covers. The window is the place through which light gets in. A window must be covered, therefore, if light is to be kept out. Over the years we have invented a variety of products that cover up the window and keep out light. These include the blind, the curtain, the shade, shutters, drapes, window films, and I cant think of any more. When deciding which variety of window-cover to choose, you must think about whats right for your apartment. Traditional window valances will fit a regal setting, an august Victorian mansion, for example. Shutters would be perfect for a quaint countryside cottage. Blinds would look more in-keeping in an apartment.

Wear sunglasses. Think of sunglasses as a window inside your windows. By tinting these inner windows, youll prevent glare.

Get rid of your windows. If you really want to avoid excess daylight in your apartment, you should just get rid of your windows entirely.

Paint the walls a dark colour. Unless you want sunlight to reflect off the walls, you should paint your wall a dark, absorbent colour, such as a nice burgundy. This way any light that does get in wont be around for long.

Window tinting. Windows can be tinted like your sunglasses. This way excess daylight will be filtered out of your apartment. No more need to wear your sunglasses indoors to prevent glare, because the house itself will now be wearing sunglasses. Window tinting is said to keep out up to eighty percent of solar radiation.

Even things we love the most can hurt us like a happy host who feeds us to excess with her excessive generosity. The sun is mother of us all: the autotrophs depended on the things that came from her to carry on and complicate. Sunlight is the nourishment without which we would never have arrived at this position in our pyogenesis. Sunlight is the mother, but like all the other mothers, there are times when she will feed us more than we can fit inside us. The sun can sometimes hurt us with the hand that tries to feed us.

Too much sun can give us melanoma. But sun in moderation is integral to our sustenance, thus suggestion number three is inadvisable. Something in between the two extremes is always best or, as the little girl who ate the bears porridges put it, just right. Window tinting is good because it lets in a certain amount of sunlight, but not too muchneither too little nor too much. Sun the mother of us all will help us if we let her, but will hurt us if we let her help too much.

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