3 Reasons You Dont Need Trees In Your Garden

When it comes to relaxation, trees offer so much calm and welcoming atmosphere for that. In most cases, they provide shade from sunlight and fresh air to bring calm to the body and soul. They also provide beauty to your landscape. All of these and more an undeniable good that trees provide. But there are times when you dont need them in your garden or yard and may want to consider tree removal. We have selected a few reasons why it would be a good idea to get rid of trees from your garden. Worse still if your garden is close to your home. You may want to consider cutting them off your garden. Three reasons why you should not plant trees in your garden are

1 – If It Takes Up Sunlight from Other Plants: this is not a good sign for your garden. Plants need sunlight to grow well and strong. If you have a tree that is taking all the sunlight, then it is time for such a tree to go. Trees with spreading branches take up the largest amount of sunlight and that could cause other plants to be malnourished.

2 – If It Drops Leave and Branches: Apart from the trouble of cleaning up the yard from time to time because of leaves, it could also prove to be risky to have trees close to your home. Dropping branches can be risky. It can fall on your roof and cause damages. It could hurt someone or destroy other valuable properties. There is no need to take such a risk, especially if the tree is dead or dry. The risk of leaving it unattended can weigh more than the cost of getting rid of it. Its better to get rid of it from the garden.

3 – If Other Plants Around It Grow Poorly: trees grow so big and robust that they consume a lot of water and other minerals from the soil. If you notice that the plants around the tree are performing poorly, that is because the tree is taking up a larger portion of the minerals from the soil. Other plants will not grow well and strong if they do not get essential nutrients and minerals from the soil.

Leaving a tree in the garden when it is causing damages to other plants and humans is a risky decision. It is safer, cheaper and healthier to cut down any tree that poses a threat to life and properties. Consider the implication of a big dead branch falling on your roof, or precious car or a loved one. That would be too costly to fix as it could result in a bigger damage. The earlier you cut off such a tree, the better for your other plants, you and your loved ones.