How To Clean Your Floor And Keep It Sparkling Clean

Floors contain a lot of germs than people think they do. Floors are always exposed to dirty shoes, pet hairs, allergens, food spills, and a host of many germ carriers. As a result, germs accumulate and build up quickly particularly during hot seasons and flu seasons. Hence, regular mopping is essential in keeping the house sanitized. Cleaner floors translate to a cleaner house which means a healthier and happier home. Sometimes we get allergies such as watery eyes and runny nose and this might prove that your house needs a thorough floor mopping to help in easing the allergy symptoms.

When mopping the floors of your house, you need to use an effective mop to ensure that every dirt particle is removed. We recommend using the microfiber flat mop from Temples Pride found here on, the pads attract dirt like a magnet, the pads are made of tiny polyester and nylon fibers that are positively charged and this causes dust, with the negative charge, to stick on the material. Microfiber pads pick up very tiny specks of dirt and they can be used on most types of floors such as hardwood, tiles, or laminate.

Steps to mop the floor using a microfiber mop – Use the right quantity of liquid. The floor pad refills should not be overly wet and the mop should not be dripping. Fill a microfiber mop bucket with about 125 ml of water per 45 cm mop refill. Allow the moisture on the pads to wick through for a few hours and then use it. Place the frame and the handle in a central position
The mop should be facing down on the floor first and you can make adjustments to the handle when need be. While mopping, always keep your back straight. Mop form the furthest point
Work the floor backward carefully and systematically ensuring that every area has been cleaned. Pay attention to detailed edges and corners before you start working on larger areas.
Do not mop back and forth, It is advised that you mop in a figure-eight motion rather than back and forth to keep a similar leading edge during the process so that you do not leave anything behind.

Regularly change the refills – The mop refills should be changed frequently especially when you are changing zones. Organize your floor cleaning by color-coding the refills to get better results.
Dismantle the mop after mopping. When done, remove the frame from the top, wipe the frame and launder the refills separately. Allow the mopped area to dry before opening the area to traffic. The floor may not take very long to dry if you used the right amount of liquid. Using a microfiber mop requires very little amount of effort.