Reduce Your Home Energy Bills With Solar Heaters

One of the largest consumers of energy in the home is caused by heating up your water. If you also have a pool, warming it up can cause astronomical bills. But there are some cheap methods available that can severely reduce your bills. One is with the trusted solar panel.

Solar panels have come on a long way thanks to advances in technology. Not only are they smaller but they are a lot more efficient and can generate more heat. You can also get a solar heater for your attic that heats your entire homes water supply. 80% of your homes energy rises to the attic and dissipates over time. Thats why in the summer months the heat is so intense in your attic you could fry an egg on the floor.

Harness The Energy

You can harness that energy so it does not go to waste. It is yours after all so you may as well use it. Solar panels for pools will save you running a gas or electric heater at full pelt. They are also the most eco-friendly source of heat you can get. These panels can come in larger curved flat shapes or can also be small and discreet like the solar mini domes lots of people now have around their pools.

According to they can also be linked together to create more heat. They collect energy inside tightly wrought tubes and then transfer it back into your pool at a warmer temperature as it gets heated up inside its thermal sun activated components. Naturally if you have a warm climate they will be more effective but if your climate is in the 60s to 70s they can give a nice boost. You may have to use a heater but you will find you dont have to use it as much if you use some domes as well.


You can also use solar activated inflatables that you place directly into your pool. They emit a gel that heats up in the sun and warms up your pool a few degrees. Dont worry the liquid is not toxic at all. Combining these methods with the addition of a solar pool cover creates the best effect. A solar cover traps the heat in your pool and also raises the temperature at the same time. Keep it on overnight and when you arent swimming and your pool will heat up quicker and not lose as much energy as opposed to not using a cover. Not using a cover is the main reason a pool drops in temperature so quickly.