Benahavis: Spains Hidden Gem Of The Costa Del Sol

When considering relocating to the south of Spain there are a number of attractive locations that spring to mind, one worth taking into consideration is the quaint Village of Benahavis, also referred to as the dining room of the Costa del Sol. Benahavis is a little village but with over 150 square km it’s district covers a much larger area. The village itself is nestled in the hills in a valley around 7km inland from the shore of the Costa del Sol in southern Spain. A short drive away (10-15mins) is the widely popular Coastal city of Marbella and around the same distance in the opposite direction the popular coastal town of Estepona.

Benahavis is a remarkable area to both live and visit, with many nationalities calling Benahavis home for some if not all of the year. An advantage of this area is benefiting from both the privacy and serenity of the hills while also being just a stones throw from all the excitement and activity of Marbella and Estepona.

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While the charming village itself is quite small with white washed traditional Andalusian style buildings the area that falls under Benahavis is much larger and features world class golf courses, rock pools, perfectly manicured gardens as well as premium developments each with their own unique and distinct qualities. This selection of luxury property makes Benahavis among the most affluent municipals in Spain.

When entering the village on the one main access road the street follows the contours of the mountain on one side and lined with a river on the other side, where swimming and rock jumping are popular activities. Upon entering the center of the village via the main street there are some local shops and bars, however, the side streets are where the action is lined with all sorts of restaurants and bars, in the summer months walking the streets and stopping at a few bars after a is highly recommended. A little further down is a perfectly manicured park with a little fish pond as well as a stunning range of flowers. For the little more daring the rock pools that line the main entry road are a must, beginning at one end and functioning your method down the windy river leaping from rocks and cooling down in the water is an outstanding way to spend a warm July day. As for the climate the rest of the year, Benahavis enjoys a sub-tropical Mediterranean climate, with hot summer days as well as warm and mild winters. Cooling breezes from the sea make the summer season heat more bearable. temperatures average 32 ºC in summertime as well as 18 ºC in the winter.

In the center of the community there are a number of historic sites, consisting of the 18th century church Virgen del Rosario and also a 16th century palace. Overlooking the town there is the Castle of Monte mayor, built in the 10th century this castle proved a very useful place for several years as a result of its vast view of 100+ kilometers over the Mediterranean Sea as well as of the coastline of Africa.

The moderate population of around 7000-8000 locals (summer season can see a sharp rise) makes Benahavis the ideal spot for those wanting to the live on the much more peaceful side of life in the South of Spain. With unbeatable views of the coastline down to Gibralatar and across to Africa, it’s simple to see while Benahavis is so appealing.

As a result of its close distance to all the bigger coastal towns and also cities, Benahavis only a a couple of supermarkets as well as little boutique shops, and while the restaurants are known to be some of the best around there are only a handful contrasted to the vast array of bars and restaurants on the coast.

Challenging World class golf courses which feature sensational mountain and also Mediterranean Sea back drops are a must for golf lovers. Courses such as Los Arqueros, La Quinta and Los Flamingos are much-loved with residents and visitors alike, a large number of golfers just head to these areas in the milder months of May and September. Many of the courses feature beautiful golf front properties that wrap around parts of the courses.

This mix of restaurants, high end golf courses and stunning mountain back drops complete with views to another continent make this area a much-loved for individuals wanting to transfer to the Marbella area while not being in the center of the action. Properties prices for an average 2-bedroom home can begin around 200,000 Euros, with villas and also penthouses going well over the 1 million Euro mark. Not to mention private gated urbanizations such as La Zagaleta where homes vary anywhere from 3 million Euros to over 20 million Euros.

Benahavis truly is a treasure of the Costa del Sol, if views, serenity and golf are a preference then a home in Benahavis could be an excellent choice.

The Amazing Advantages Of Fire Sprinkler Systems For Your Home Or Business

Fires are easier to prevent if your property has a good fire defense plan. Installing fire sprinkler systems is one effective way of ensuring your safety in general. The following are the benefits of installing them in your property:

Reduced Property Damages

Fire sprinklers have a water supply system that stimulates and releases the water when the sensor detects smoke. They can overpower the fire to lessen and release the buildings temperature, and control the flame until the firemen arrive to exhaust the flammable elements.

No Need For Extensive Maintenance

Fire sprinklers only need yearly maintenance to keep them efficient. Consult a professional and let him visit your property to inspect your sprinklers. Typically, fire sprinklers last for a long time.


Fire sprinkler systems arent that expensive, since you’ll pay only for their installation. You have no monthly charges to worry about.

Saves You Money

A person can file a personal injury case against your company when he incurs injuries in a fire related incident. Aside from the expensive compensation, the dispute will also ruin your companys image and good reputation. Fire sprinklers will help you avoid these financial problems that your company may suffer because of a personal injury claim.

They Save Lives

Fire sprinklers will help you keep your family or (employees and customers) safe from harm and death. When theres fire, the sprinklers will raise the fire alarm, making people aware of the danger so they can leave the building quickly. Fire sprinklers are great life-saving tools, and having them installed in your office or business property is always a must.

Choosing The Right Fire Sprinkler System

Fire sprinklers are available in four types: dry, wet, preaction, and deluge. You should understand their differences to choose the fire sprinklers suitable for your property.

Dry pipe systems use pressurized air for pushing the water over the pipes. These fire sprinklers help in controlling the fire in cold-weather areas.

The pipes of wet pipe systems are always full of water, and these systems will release the water when you trigger them. Wet pipe systems will give you the adequate supply of water to control the fire quickly.

Preaction systems are a combination of the dry and wet pipe systems. The pipes stay dry during rest, but the water will rush into them before the sprinklers open. However, you still need to trigger the preaction systems to activate them.

Deluge systems provide an instant water supply with minimal effort. Their pipes always contain water, but the heads of their sprinklers stay open and ready to release water. Deluge systems work with external alarm systems like smoke alarms. They’re automatically activated when the alarms shut down.

Fire sprinkler systems are essential in industrial areas where fires are more likely to occur. As a business owner, you should realize their real value to your business.