Informing Local Police About The Security Guard Service You Are Using

There are many whys and how too associated with the implementation and hiring of a Security Agency at your property or place of work. You may have been told by many that you should be hiring a reliable security service provider for monitoring and guarding your properties. But did anyone tell you that you must inform the nearby police station about this step of yours. This will help you in many ways, which you must know.

Its obviously a good thing, a good step to secure your workplace, home or property with good security. But then again, to avoid some complications which may arise out of ignorance, you must talk to the police, and inform them about the hiring and contract.

When the guards engage in a combat to defend you

If there is a security violation by any external source, and the security guards get into a scuffle or battle or combat with the violating force, then police enquiry following the disturbance will obviously be done. To get maximum help and support from the police on such occasion, you must inform them about the contract you have with the security services.

There may be injuries, use of arms and weapons and legal complications after a combat, and police intervention will be obvious. Hence to ensure support when you really need, the police must be informed that you have hired such security services.

What if the guards of the service turn out to be the threat

You will never know even after all the research you have done, that if there is a culprit hiding behind the mask of the security guard, who may be the ultimate threat to your security actually. Sad things like these happened in many parts of the world, when guards supplied by the security patrol services were not properly background checked. Obviously, your security company will be well researched by you, but in case you are a victim, you will always get help from the police who will already be informed of your activities.

The police also often tell you if they have heard anything about the security patrol service provider of your choice. And if they are unreliable, you will get proper information from the police.

If you have the dual support of the security guards guarding you, and the police knowing of the services you are using, then your safety would be doubled.