Give Your Kitchen A Face lift With Bar Stools

There are various options and a few key factors that you need to consider that can help narrow down your options before buying a bar stool. Here are some of the factors:

Determine quantity

By following the industry standard,which allows 26 to 30 inches between the centers of each bar stool will help in figuring out the right number of bar stools for your counter or pub table, which will make it easier. It will provide adequate spacing for people to eat, drink, and socialize.

Size of bar stool

Ensure you have measured the distance between the counter and the floor to get the right height for your bar stools.A counter height bar stool is commonly 23 to 28 inches from the floor to the seat.The size of the seat (width) also matters in consideration for comfort and space.The smaller the seat,the smaller the seat size and the more stools you can have or fit at your bar.However,if the seat is larger and more comfortable for people,opt for a 17-or 21- inches stool. Allow for at least six inches of space between each stool in whatever option you choose.

Type of bar stool

You can choose to have adjustable or stationary stools. An adjustable stool allows for all types of spacing because its height can change. It also has a ‘lift lever’ under the seat, which allows smooth adjustment of height and helping a comfortable layout for your stools. It will give your stool more comfort and versatility. Swivel designs for stools are a favorite in public and private homes, allowing you to turn easily in your chair.

Decide on features and style

Bar stools come in various shapes and styles. Therefore, when making a decision, you need to consider both your comfort needs and your budget. Here is a common style-
Backless stools
It is the most common design because of its simple design. If you are looking to save space and prefer to keep stools hidden beneath your counter or simply on top of the table after use. However, backless stools may not be the most comfortable option and may prevent guests from sitting too long.